General products label

For industrial applications, we offer a wide range of material selection and options:

  • Printing ink up to 4 colours

  • Laminate and varnish finishes

  • Variety of paper and film, both customized and standard

  • Extreme chemical resistance

  • Variety of adhesive of different peel strength requirement

  • Different range of temperature specification


Polymide Labels


This material is often used in extreme high temperature environment on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that undergo wave soldering and IR reflow




Voidable / Security Label

To safeguard warranty and prevent unauthorized tampering of products, violable and security labels are commonly used.


Thermal Printable / Barcode Label


Thermal transfer printable label stock incorporate surface topcoat technology to ensure an ultra-smooth surface suitable for high quality thermal printing -n-house. It is available in silver and white, matte and gloss finish, for different type of materials such as polyester, vinyl, paper and kimdura yupo which are UL and CSA approved. The thermal transfer labels are designed to meet the specific needs of electronics and industries application for serialized bar code or data printing, rating plates, face plates and inventory tracking.






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